The Story

In pursuit of meaningful conversations

Ours is a story of a pursuit. The pursuit of meaningful conversation. Conversations, we believe, bring change. In our quest for civil discourses though, we encountered cacophony: one-upmanship, outrage, whataboutery, ridicule and abuse. In the fabulously connected world of ours, most discussions have been happening in digressing group chats or the noisy comments section. Mostly devoid of meaning. Rarely civil. With emotions strewn all around.

We observed the trolling online. We frowned upon the shouting matches on TV. As we analysed the collective psyche, we found that the cacophony resulted in anxiety which further fed noise to the world of information. Over months of deliberation thus, four thinkers turned founders. The absence of civility and structure in the current methods of communication led us to create LoudST, a social conversation platform, a first. Our purpose was simple: to enable change by bringing meaning back into conversation.

What kind of change do we talk about? A change in self. A change in the society. A change in policy. LoudST is for individual thinkers, for change agents, for organisations, for corporates, for activists. LoudST aims to serve everyone who seeks either knowledge or perspective.

The Platform – TALK and TECH

Ensuring civility and structure in conversation

At LoudST, we believe that every person is a thinker and thus, a potential influencer. This belief makes the platform medium agnostic. While one person may find comfort in a tech app, another may want to have a real-time conversation. At LoudST, we are constantly looking at creating comfortable spaces for individuals and organisations to seek and share.

The LoudST TALK is our collection of real-time conversations organized in the form of on-camera panel discussions (Fireside Chat with Thinkers), video conversations (TalkLoudST via Instagram, Facebook, Zoom etc.), informative tweet chats and the like. The videos of these conversations are later made available to the public.

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The LoudST TECH is our technology platform that includes our native mobile apps and web/mobile browser sites. This allows users to engage in structured debates and polls, and create personal and social events.

The Team

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Co-Founder, Chief Brand Officer
Chief Technology Officer

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Appearance for thinkers - On-camera, in-person conversations (#FiresideChatWithThinkers/#FCT) | Live videos | Social media events

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The technology platform – Apps, Web app/mobile site – Civil and structured format to seek and share views and more

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